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Criminal Defense

David is an attorney for persons accused of felonies and misdemeanors, including DUI, homicide, kidnapping, arson, burglary, robbery, domestic violence, fraud, theft, distribution of drugs, possession of drugs and

Personal Injury

After sustaining an injury caused by another person’s actions, you need an attorney by your side with extensive experience handling these cases. Serious personal injury cases have been David’s focus since he has been an attorney, and he has a reputation of standing up for the rights of injury victims.

Criminal Defense

Having a criminal conviction negatively impacts your life in numerous ways. You could go to jail, lose your job, limit your ability to find housing, see your children and other adverse consequences. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney is critical. You need the right attorney to defend you and to protect your rights. David has over 31 years experience representing persons charged with crimes of every type. Your case will never be assigned to a less experienced attorney. David represents each one of his clients personally. David goes through all the facts of your case and performs an extensive review of all the evidence and charges against you. David and the client then meet to develop a strong defense strategy.

David works hard to obtain the best outcome for every client. Sometimes that is through a favorable plea agreement or sometimes it is through a trial. Prosecutors know how good a trial attorney David is and many times offer his clients a favorable offer to avoid going to trial against David. Other times, trial are necessary to obtain a just result.

Choosing the right attorney can mean the difference between a conviction and an acquittal. Don’t trust such a significant matter to just any attorney. With over 31 years of experience and repeated success, David can help protect your rights and ensure you receive a fair and just outcome for your case.

Personal Injury

After sustaining an injury caused by another person’s actions, you need an attorney by your side with extensive experience handling these cases. Serious personal injury cases have been David’s focus since he has been an attorney, and he has a reputation of standing up for the rights of injury victims. He is committed to obtaining the best results for each case he takes. He has no problem taking a case to trial if it means you will receive more compensation.

Every day David protects the rights of those harmed by negligent individuals. David has no problem standing up to insurance carriers or their attorneys when it comes to obtaining the best result for his clients.

David regularly handles motor vehicle accidents where clients have sustained broken bones, dislocations, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, soft tissue injuries, and many other serious injuries.

David understands that an injury can place victims and their families in a difficult financial situation. There is no charge to speak to David. In addition, David only gets paid if you receive a settlement or verdict.

About David

The determination, understanding and sincerity David shows when working with his clients and giving advice to those in need is impossible to miss. All relationships are important to David, whether he’s working with a client, potential client, someone in need of advice, or a fellow lawyer. He works directly with his clients, giving them the personal service and attention they deserve.

David has a wide range of criminal defense experience ranging from DUI defense to serious felonies, including some high profile cases. David represents persons accused of felonies, including drug cases, felony assaults, arson, burglary, theft, fraud, murder and kidnapping. He also represents persons accused of DUI, domestic violence, criminal mischief and other misdemeanors. David also accepts personal injury clients injured in automobile/motorcycle accidents. David has practiced in these areas for over 31 years. His training and experience in dealing with prosecutors, judges, insurance companies and their counsel is extensive. He has tried dozens of criminal trials with successful outcomes. He has tried personal injury cases with successful outcomes, including those with verdicts in excess of $1,000,000.

David received his B.A. from San Diego State University in 1987. He received his law degree from Santa Clara University in 1990. David formerly practiced at Gerash, Robinson & Miranda, P.C. in Denver, CO and was the managing partner at Willett & Mestas, LLC in Denver, CO. David was the Chairman of the Colorado Supreme Courts’ Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee for 8 years. He was also on the Colorado Supreme Court Board of Trustees For The Attorneys’ Client Protection Fund for 6 years.

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Partner at Gavaldon & Mestas, LLC

Describing David


Doesn’t shy away from difficult cases

Sees opportunities for justice

Fights for the underdog

Super Dave
“Excellent response time and very honest! Dave went the extra mile, literally, by defending me in the Denver metro area. – J.B.”

Resolved Before Trial
“Despite stacks of evidence submitted against us David and his team spent the time to unravel the financial records and time lines. Taking almost a year’s time David stayed focused and worked through the evidence to demonstrate to the DA in advance of trial that there was no case and no crime had been committed. With David’s hard work all charges were dropped. – A.J.”

David A. Mestas Is A Life Saver!
“I contacted Mr. Mestas’ firm when I was accused of something I did not do. I met with Mr. Mestas and at first look at my case, he knew that it did not look good. However, through patience, persistence and thorough research of the true facts, he was able to find and successfully defend the truth. If not for his dedicated and unwavering determination to finding the truth, I would be paying a horrible price for something I was never guilty of. What I owe Mr. Mestas can never be paid back. In my situation, I knew I needed the best and I got the best! He gave me my life back! I would undoubtedly and without hesitation recommend David Mestas to anyone! Sincerely, forever grateful. – R.D.”

Excellent, Compassionate and Best Attorney In Colorado
“This attorney saved my son’s life, and our family will be forever indebted to his hard work. Attorney Mestas is very responsive, addressed all my concerns and was available 24/7 during a very stressful and difficult time for our family. Attorney Mestas is a good and honest person, whose purpose in life is to assist others in legal matters. Attorney Mestas has an intuitive and expert knowledge of the legal system. Attorney Mestas is able to explain every step of the legal process and he was accurate and correct in every decision pertaining to my son’s legal matters. Attorney Mestas’ court room presence was professional, confident, respectful and prepared. Attorney Mestas has the best court room/ trial presence I have ever witnessed. We give him our highest recommendation and recommend him for any legal matter. – W.S.”